Divorce, Modification of Child Support, Criminal Case

Posted by Misty
April 29, 2017

I have used Paul many times. So have my family members. Paul did my mom's will. Paul handled my brother's DUIS and drug charges. He handled my divorce and also my ex said I attached him. I had to have a real trial at Adams County Court. Not guilty. He also was my lawyer for when my ex wanted to get the kids more days cause he remarried and also wanted to pay me less money, cause he had a baby. We won that also. Paul is also a very nice man. I have used him for almost 10 years. I call him when I have a legal problem. He never charges what the other lawyers charge and I pay him out. I appreciate all he has done for us.

  • I went to having my children four overnights a month to a 50/50. Paul worked with me on my case for 4 years. He was very fair with the prices and charged about 1/3 what my previous lawyer charged me. Besides the price, I got the results that were best for my children and for me. 
  • Sharon

 I endorse Paul without any reservation -- we met over a family law matter and we were able to reach a mutually beneficial conclusion without the usual in-fighting that is too common in Family Law. Paul is intelligent, diligent, and provides well-considered, excellent legal services to the Front Range in Family Law, Criminal Law, and Civil Law. I recommend him heartily to all clients or firms lucky enough to have him. 


Other lawyers wanted me to plead guilty. Paul believed in me and my story. 


I am deeply grateful that I had Paul and Karen to help me untangle the issues surrounding my case. Because of them I was able to file for bankruptcy, clean-up my credit, stop the garnishments and get a new start with my credit history. Three years later I own a home. 


 I endorse this lawyer. Paul is an amazing advocate in and outside of a courtroom. 




Posted by Alex
April 24, 2019

Paul  has helped me both with my business and personal matters for years. He’s been a huge asset for all legal matters, his professionalism and experience is outstanding. 

Thank you Paul for battling to have the protection order against me dismissed and sealed. Luis


You saved my life when I was acquitted of sex assault.

 The Public Defender would not believe in me, refused to hear the truth pressured me to plead guilty. Thank God I did not.